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Friday, November 20, 2009

Frugal Friday - Plan For Christmas


What the best way to have a frugal Christmas and stay out of debt?  Planning!  Of course you already knew that.  However, do you know the best way how to plan?

For starters, write down everyone you want to give  a gift to.  Check through the list, if it's way too long think of who you can cut out.  Remember, Christmas is about Christ our Savior being born.  I don't think extended family or most friends should be offended if we only give a Christmas card and well-wishes.  After all we are Americans, there is not very much that we truly need.  Truth be told, we probably have too much stuff as it is!

Now that you know who you will buy for, set a Christmas budget.  Hopefully, you've been saving through the year, as Dave Ramsey says, "Christmas always comes on December 25th, so why is everyone surprised when it rolls around?!"  Very true, however, I know we've had tough times where we didn't have money either.  It' just means you get creative.

Take the money you set for you budget and put it at the top of the page.  Along the side write everyone's names.  Then decide how much you will spend on each one.  Put that amount of money in an envelope with their name on it and when the money is gone, you're done shopping for that person.  It's not easy to do because it would be so easy to spend lots of money on each person, but money is finite.  However, the more creative you get, often the more thought you put in a present and it has much more meaning.

The most frugal advice when it comes to Christmas shopping.  Don't use credit!  Don't let the holidays follow you through the summer.  It will save you much headaches and heartaches later if you will give simpler gifts with cash.  You can do this!!!

On December 10 it looks like LifeAsMom will do a post on gift ideas for $10 or less.  I'll share some of my favorite ideas then.  Stay tuned!

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