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Friday, November 27, 2009

Frugal Friday

 Since I shared last week about our journey into frugal living I figured I'd talk today about my best frugal tip.  It's what I learned from Dave Ramsey.  Make a new budget, each and every month.  Put your income at the top of the page and spend all of your money on paper, on purpose BEFORE the month begins.  You and your spouse sit down and agree to only spend money for things on that paper.  If you need to change it for some reason you both have to agree and sit down and agree which categories you need to change.  You make a zero balanced budget.  It's not the perfect budget that will work at all times.  You realize that one month is Tommy's birthday so we'll have some gift money for that and next month Suzie needs money for that field trip she's going on.  You also don't put down what you think you SHOULD do, but won't.  If you're going to blow $100, that's fine if you have the money, but admit it to yourself and write it down! In the back of The Total Money Makeover there are some excellent forms for budgeting.  I was hoping he had them online, but I don't see them.  I would encourage you to get the book from the library if only to check out those forms.  How is this frugal?  Well, it opens your eyes to what is actually happening with your money.  You are in control with what's happening to your money instead of tracking where it went or just plain wondering where it went.  This is hands down the best tip I've ever gotten!  If you want some other great budgeting articles or help, check this out.

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