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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Online Shopping

Christmas season is almost upon us.  Are you planning on buying things online?  I have been registered with Ebates for quite a while and anytime I go to shop online, I see if the store I'm buying at has a coupon or cash back through Ebates.  It's awesome.  If you haven't signed up yet, you can go here.  You will receive $5 just for signing up.  For instance if you shop at Old Navy, right now you get 10% back through ebates.  You sure can't beat that!!!  They will pay you your cash back every 3 months through PayPal. 

Also, if you love Amazon as much as I do, sign up at Swagbucks and get points when you search.  You don't get points every time, but they add up quickly.  After earning only 45 points you can get $5 at Amazon!  Also, make sure you upload your Swagbucks toolbar to make it easier to search with them.  It is powered by google so therefore you are getting a great search engine.  You can sign up here.

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