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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check out these high dollar coupons!

$1 off 2 M&Ms Candy 9.4 oz or larger

$1 off 2 Nestle Confections Candy 

$1 off 2 Wonka Candy Canes

$1.50 off 1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Meal

$2 off Nivea Body Wash

$1.50 off Clorox 2 

$2 off Prevacid

$1.50 Hormel Refrigerated Entrees

$1 Cornflakes

$5 Enfagrow Premium Formula

$10 off Playskool Dance Cam

$5 off My Little Pony when you spend $20

There are TONS of high dollar coupons available right now.  Remember if you think you might use it, print it out.  Sometimes they have only so many coupons and they run out or reset with new coupons.

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