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Friday, December 4, 2009

Ladies Night Out

I have some awesome friends that I've been getting together with for almost 10 years!  We had an awesome time out together last night.  I don't often get to go out to a sit down restaurant, let alone one this fancy!  I spent this pay period's allowance and next, but it was worth it!  We went to Tabor Hill Winery in Michigan.  When you're with great friends, even getting there is quite the experience!!!

The meal itself was also quite the experience!

I am a huge fan of salads with fruit and nuts.  That's what this description said it had.  Well, I didn't quite expect to get a Chia pet for my salad!!!  This was quite delicious actually.

 I also love shrimp, so this meal :

sounded good.  However, I learned that big shrimp don't taste anything like I think they should!  The outside was really delish, but the shrimp left much to be desired.

 We had an excellent time and I would love to go with my husband sometime, although I will get the Pecan-crusted Chicken.  A couple of friends had that and it was wonderful.

This is our new motto:

We had an awesome time.  It's so good to spend carefree time out with friends you love!

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