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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Grocery Deals for the Week

You can see my first trip this week here.

Tonight hubby and I went out for supper ALONE!  He starts vacation tomorrow, so we decided to leave the kids at grandma's after making candy and have a mini-date.  Of course for old married couples even grocery shopping together counts as a date!  Hubby was amazed at the brain power all this coupon shopping takes!  He said I was such a nerd, to which I proudly responded, "Yep!"

Here are the two stops we made tonight.  Hopefully this is it for this week.

First we went to Meijer, which I admit fully tested my super nerd brain powers!

I got everything pictured above plus 4 cat food bags and 2 more Diet Coke.  The total cost was right around $57 *46.  I had to do the cat food and each of the 4 cream cheeses in separate transactions, but I had no kids and hubby there to help, so that wasn't too bad.  So now I have our ham for Christmas and those pita pockets were on sale so we're having pitas instead of subs on Sunday.  That's a bargain hunter for you, can't pay full price for hardly anything!  I did the cereal transaction that I told you about and got a free milk!  I even had gotten an extra coupon from Meijer for cereal that I got to tack on!  Yay!

If you love Philly cream cheese I can't encourage you enough to stock up on it.  It freezes very well.  Our area rarely gets cream cheese coupons so the fact that this is $0.49 without any coupons is good!  You can't roll the catalina over to do the next deal, the catalina won't print if you do that. 

*Edited because I forgot we bought youngest daughter a gift in this purchase

Next we went to Martin's for just a few things.

I spent $24.86 for all the items above and that lunch meat will last us a long time!  I take a whole ham and have them slice it for me, then I put it in ziplock freezer bags.

Do you have any awesome deals this week?  Let me know in the comments.

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