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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Grocery Deals for the Week

So I know I'm going on this month long eating from the pantry.  But, I had to get a few things to make that happen and get the few deals there were this week!  So here ya go:

Meijer  -  I just plain love this store!  The self-serve check-out stopped working in the middle of my checkout so the girl gave me $20 off my groceries just because of the inconvenience and the fact that we didn't know exactly which coupons I'd already used!  I love places that take good care of their customers!  Last night my friends and I went out for supper and my order was lost and I didn't get my food until my friends were all done.  Nothing was taken off my order, the girl was even going to charge me for the extra dip I wanted to take home!  Now tonight a slight inconvenience was apologized for over and over!  I was impressed to say the least.  So here's what I got:

I got ALL of this for $13.30!   Now granted it would have cost me over $20 without the glitch in the system.  God truly multiplied loaves and fishes tonight with my dollars.  He blessed me abundantly!

 Here's what I got at Walgreens & CVS -
Walgreens 2 GM cereal and 1 milk - I paid $4.19 and got $2 in RR, so my net total was $2.19!!!
CVS - The rest ;) - I paid $17.75 and got $6 in ECB so my total was $11.75.  Good considering I bought vitamins and mascara.


Here's what I got at Aldi for $26.99.  They had potatoes on sale $0.99/10# bag!!!  I usually have lots of potatoes from my garden, but for some reason we didn't get very many this year and then my husband left the rest in the garage and they froze.  So I bought 6(yes that's 60 #)bags!  We eat lots of potatoes and I should be able to put the into the basement to store just like I would my own potatoes. (I hope anyway!)  I was disappointed at the price of their eggs, but still bought some because we were almost out.  I always go to Aldi first to make sure of prices and usually normal prices are much cheaper than anywhere else.  Well when I saw how much cheaper Meijer was I HAD to buy a few more;)  I usually buy 6 dozen every 2 weeks, but didn't want to spend the price at Aldi, so now I have 7 and that should do well for us! 

Well, I think I'm mostly ready for my Eat from the Pantry challenge now except for Cheddar Cheese and fruit.  I've got a friend on the lookout for that next time she goes to E&S, so that will be a bit of a splurge next month, but that is in my allowed category!  Also, when I go to get my free shaving cream at Martin's I'll buy some fruit!

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