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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Shopping Trip this Week!

My trip to Martin's is pictured above.
 I got 2 Nestle Chocolate Chips, Pork Roast, 2 cake mixes, bleach and 10 mushrooms all for $15.63
I sent hubby back later that night to get more bleach and chocolate chips which cost around $0.70!!!


At Meijer I got all the items pictured above, plus 6 loaves of bread that were on sale Saturday only.  Since I still have bread from last week I stuck it in the freezer before even coming in. 
So I bough 2 Garlic Breads, 4 Bar S Franks, 2 bags apples, 2 Microwave Popcorn, 1 Meijer brown sugar and 1 dog treat box, for the dog's Christmas ;-)

I spent $13.62 for all of those items.

Earlier in the week I did a quick run to Meijer where I bought 2 loaves garlic bread, 1 brown sugar, 2 powdered sugar, 1 bagged spinach, 1 fresh mushrooms, 4 Green Giant Boxed Vegetables.  I spent right around $6.50 on that trip. 

All in all I'm mostly stocked so I'm just working on buying rock bottom items, keeping my stock up, along with the normals of bread milk and eggs of course!

What deals did you get this week?

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