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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tip - Take a Look in the Mirror

For this tip you need a very high-tech tool.  Can you think what this awesome techno-gadget might be?

It's a mirror.

What in the world does a mirror have to do with finances you ask?  Well first of all, hold up that mirror and take a good, hard look.  What do you see?  You are looking at the person who has the ability to make or break you.  That's the one and only person who can make any changes in your life.  According to Dave Ramsey, personal finance is 80 % behavior and 20% head knowledge.  Guess what that means?  It means that math is not what is going to change your finances.  Surfing Credit Cards or Consolidating Bills is not going to change your life.

So what will change your life?  Finally saying, "Enough is enough.", and vowing to never borrow more money is the first step.  After that you need to set your budget.  But did you notice we didn't make the budget first?  i.e. Behavior changes first, head knowledge next.  We first make the decision to live debt-free, then we act upon that and use math(our heads) to help us get there.

That's where I come in.  I will encourage you all along the way.  I'll also help you save money with your groceries, so you have more money to use in whatever Baby Step you're in.  As my name says, we're going to use coupons to stimulate our own economy!  I will help you become a Coupon Queen (or King, whatever the case may be!)  Little by little we can do this! 

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