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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 - The year to learn how to save with coupons! - Post #2

You can read Post #1 here.  We talked about how to save at CVS:  how you need an Extra Care Card and how it's best to roll your ECBs into the next deal to maximize your savings.

In this post we will talk about Walgreens.  They aren't nearly as easy to work as CVS, but you can get some great deals there.  The nice things about Walgreens is that you are able to do a deal more than once as long as you don't spend the Register Rewards(RR) you recieved on the very same deal(called rolling over your coupons).  Let's say you bought a P&G item and you received a RR of $2.  If you want to buy more P&G items, you may, only don't use the RR you just received for a P&G item because another RR will not print.

Walgreens only allows one manufacturer's coupon per item and a RR is considered a manufacturer's coupon.  This can make the deals a bit trickier and sometimes you need to add in "filler" product to make the deal work.  A filler product is something cheap you can throw in on your transaction to make so that there are as many products as there are coupons. 

Very often there are products that are free after RR.  This means that you have to pay for the product initially, however, a catalina, called a Register Reward(RR), will spit out after you have paid for your transaction.   This will be used on your next purchase.  If I'm buying quite a bit, I will split up my purchases to use my RR right away.   I've also been told by a manager that it's best to use your RR before Manufacturer's Coupons(MQ).  For some reason the registers don't always work right if you do the RR last.

Let's take a look at the ad from this week:

NyQuil or DayQuil, Buy $15 get $5 RR, or Buy $20 get $10 RR
Buy 4 NyQuil at $5 each using 4-$2 coupons

Pay  $12 out of pocket and receive $10 in RR

1 - Tostitos Chips (Use Buy Chips, get Dip Free From All You)

1 - Tostitos Dip
6 - Stacy's Pita Chips - ( Need Access to 3 computers to print 6 - $1 coupons)

Wet Ones Buy 2/$4, get $1 RR
Use $10 RR, Tostitos and dip coupon, 6 - $1 Stacy's chips coupon and 1 -$1.50/2 Wet Ones coupon
Pay $2.50 out of pocket and get 1 -$10 RR and 1 - $1 RR for the next week!

You've just spent $14.50 out of pocket and have $11 in RR to spend for next week!  That means you essentially paid $3.50 for 14 items!!!

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