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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Shopping Trip Tonight

We were out of milk and almost out of eggs so while I ran to get my library books I decided to stop at Meijer quick.  While there I checked out my toilet paper that I had a rain check for.

I LOVE it when God turns an exasperation into a praise!  A few weeks ago Meijer had Cottonelle toilet paper on a great sale, but they ran out (never had that happen at Meijer before) so I got a rain check thinking it'd be in the next week right?  Well, I've kept checking to no avail, until tonight!  And guess what?!  There was a $3 catalina with it yet!  I had NO CLUE!!!  They just kept spitting out after each transaction!!!

I paid $24.49 out of pocket for the above items and received $12 back in catalinas!!!  I was scared to use the catalina on the next item in case it didn't roll.  I did forget to do 2 of my coupons, so when I go back later this week for my actually shopping trip, I'll take my receipt along and get my money back for that.  So I basically paid $12.49 for everything above!!!  Not bad for 8 packs of toilet paper,  2 gallons of milk, my free chocolate milk, free coffee creamer, and 6 dozen eggs!!!  Yay!!!

I'm not sure it the toilet paper would be that good of a deal if I hadn't had the rain check, but they ended up costing me $0.50/pack!!!  Now that is a great deal!

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Mandy said...

Great job!!!!!!! I wish we had a Meijer. I always see people getting great deals!!!

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