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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update on Eating from the Pantry Challenge

Last week was absolutely crazy!  I didn't get any pictures of what I purchased, but I'll recap it.

I was completely out of shredded cheese and buy it in bulk along with spices from E&S an Amish store which is on my way to work.  They had 5 lb. bags of shredded cheese for $8.99/bag.  I bought 4 bags of cheese and a container of poppy seed, a small bag chicken base and a small bag beef base.  I spent right at $40*.  I did send hubby to Meijer to buy that really cheap Skippy Peanut Butter on Sunday night before my coupon expired.  He spent right around $5.14 on 6 jars of natural peanut butter, and got a $3 catalina which I will use later this week.  So for a net price of $0.36/jar, I'm pleased!!!

So far I've spent right at $45* oop this past week.  A little over my $40/week I'm allowing, but I should be good this coming week. 

We've been eating quite well from my pantry!  I think we've got plenty of food available to keep going!

How have you been doing?  You can link your blog up here at Money Saving Mom and show your progress.

* I updated these amounts I realized I had them wrong.

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