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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frugal Friday - 2010 The Year to Save with Coupons Post #3

I've been doing a series on how to save with coupons.  In case you've missed them, here's Post #1 and Post #2.

Now with no further ado, here's our next edition!

We all must eat and bathe.  There's no getting around it.  So how do we keep the costs down?

The very best way I've found is to have a stockpile.  When something is at a rock bottom deal, I buy as much as I am able, keeping in mind how much we would use before the item would go bad or expire.  My freezer comes in handy and is a wonderful help with this.

Getting the stockpile can take a few months.  However, once you have acquired nice stockpile,  you only buy more of an item if it's free or for that rock-bottom deal, and then only enough to keep up the stock. 

Stockpiling has helped bring my grocery budget down.  I went from spending $450/month to $300/month.  AND I can see that I might be able to lower this again soon! 

With stockpiling, you will never have to pay full price for most items again!  For instance with toothpaste, I have enough to last us for quite a while,  so I only buy toothpaste when I can get it for free.  At this rate I will never have to pay for toothpaste ever again!

Have you tried stockpiling?  Have you made it work for you?  Share your experiences.

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Leslie said...

I so wish I would have know this years ago. I started couponing and stockpiling just last fall and I am AMAZED at how much it helps our budget, and also our sense of well being in case of emergencies. We now spend almost half of what we used to each week for groceries and household. That is now $100 a week or less but I do hope throughout this year to get even lower. blogs like yours have helped me learn so much. Thanks!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Great series!


Thanks for sharing!

Mom2fur said...

Stockpiling sure has come in handy this winter! It's nice to know you have the provisions for meals and snacks on hand when it's pouring snow outside. And the best part to me is reaching for a jar of peanut butter that cost me 99 cents instead of having to go out and pay 3.49 for it!
(Alas, I'm almost out of PB and there is no more in my stockpile. Being PB-addicted, I will probably buy some at Target today, which is the cheapest place for it, unless I see it on sale in the grocery circulars. And if it is on sale, you can bet I'll buy 2 or 3, LOL!)

Coupon Teacher said...

Thanks for linking up! You know I love my stockpile!

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