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Friday, February 5, 2010

Frugal Friday - Valentine's Day


How can you still have a wonderful day of love without breaking your pocketbook?  

1.  Take the kids to a relative.  Make a romantic candlelight dinner at home.  Make the food together while sharing a glass of wine.  Relaxing, and you get to chat!

2.  Make your cards.  I did this the other year for my family.  It was a huge hit!  They loved the fact that I took the time to do something special for them.

3.  Write a letter telling your spouse/family members how much you love them and why.  Who doesn't want a love letter?  When we were dating we did this all the time, but once married it slipped by the wayside.

4.  Rent a video from the library or get a code for a free rental from your local Redbox. 

What do you do for a frugal Valentine?  I'd love to hear it in your comments below!

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Coupon Teacher said...

All great and free ideas!

shopannies said...

sweet ideas I love the letter idea

Frances said...

Great ideas! We make all our own greeting cards and everyone loves them.

Found you, in a roundabout way, through Friday Follow.

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