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Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 2/22

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Monday - Chicken Roll-ups(from freezer) with a salad

Tuesday - Tomato Soup & Subs

Wednesday - Baked Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, and green beans

Thursday - BBQ Pork Roast Sandwiches, Homemade French Fries, Cut-up Vegies

Friday - leftovers
Saturday - Poppy Seed Chicken(make 4, 3 for freezer) and Broccoli & Cheese

Sunday - Pork Chow Mein with Rice (ToH 123)

At the bottom of my post I'm going to make 28 meal ideas and as I use them up I will cross them off.  Usually, I get my meal ideas from a list like this.  It lasts me more like 5-6 weeks because there are nights of leftovers and times when we go to friends or family for supper or occasionally, out to eat.

Need more meal ideas?  Check them out at Organizing Junkie and link up your blog there if you want to share yours!

Broccoli Soup and Dinner Rolls
Pepperoni Pizza Chili with Italian Herb Bread
Cheddar Chowder with Biscuits
Tomato Soup and Ham Sandwiches
Lasagna with a Salad and Garlic Bread
Homemade Pizza with Chopped Vegies
Homemade Pizza with Chopped Vegies(usually 2x month, not a misprint)
Beef and Mozzarella Bake(from freezer), Green Beans, Garlic Bread
Sweet n Sour Meatballs with rice
Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Homemade Bread
Baked Pork Chops, baked potatoes, Broccoli
Chicken Fajitas, refried beans, Mexican Rice
Baked Potatoes with Toppings
Chimichangas, refried beans, and Mexican Rice
Poppy Seed Chicken(make 4, 3 for freezer) and Broccoli & Cheese
Tater Tot Casserole with applesauce
Roast Beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas
Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas, refried beans, & Mexican rice
BBQ Pork Roast Sandwiches, Homemade French Fries, Cut-up Vegies
Pork Chop bake with homemade bread (FMC 124)
Sausage Casserole with Biscuits (FMC 126)
Chicken Roll-ups and Vegies
Roman Supper
Bisquick Chicken, cubed potatoes, green beans, with cream cheese sauce
Pork Chow Mein with Rice (ToH 123)
Cheese Stuffed Lasagna Rolls with Chicken, salad, breadsticks
Pizza Subs with cut-up vegies
Cheeseburgers. homemade french fries, cut-up vegies
Wings with Blue-Cheese Dip, salad
Taco Salad


Rona's Home Page said...

Your menu sounds delicious!
I enjoy MPM because I can get lots of inspiration for creating economic and healthy meals for my family.
You have a great week!

Nikki said...

Ditto! Your menu DOES sound delicious! I keep telling myself that I'm going to join in Menu Plan Monday, and I've yet to do it. I know my family would appreciate it if I did a little better with the menu planning. ;)

Connie said...

YUM! One quick question though - you said your chicken rollups are from your freezer? Is that just the filling? Or have you already assembled the rollups and baked them before putting in the freezer and are now just pulling them out and reheating? Thanks for answering! :-)

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Connie, Yes, when I make them the first time I do at least a triple batch and bake them all and then the day I want to make them, I thaw them and only bake them long enough to make them warm all the way through. I often even freeze gravy right with them! Makes for a very quick and good meal!

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