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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monthly Musings - Failure


Failure is a blessing.  Yes, you read that right, it's a blessing.  Without failure there would be nothing to measure success with.  If failure is not an option, what's the point in trying to do better?  Sometimes failure causes such great pain that we finally decide to change.

Looking back, what's been your hardest struggle financially?  Or are you going through it right now?  Whatever that struggle has been, or is, it causes you to want to change and not be in that same spot one year from now.

When I look back at this Christmas, it was tough, but it made so I wanted to do better the next year.  God blessed us in numerous ways throughout that time.  That year was a tough one, but it made us grow.  We are so much stronger for it.  It helped me to find Dave Ramsey.  As I've said before I had the knowledge, but I needed a path to follow.  I now love to encourage others to become debt-free and help them think through their budgets. 

So while we felt like failures while we were going through our trials, it turned out to be a success.  Success is falling down 99 times and getting up 10.  The only true failure is giving up.

What was your big failure that turned your life around?  Share in the comments.  If you are going through that failure right now, I'm here to help you along, one day at a time.

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blessedpath said...

2 yrs ago we finally got so fed up, disgusted with ourselves, for continuing to drown in credit card debt....We robbed Peter to pay Paul with a home equity loan, and kept putting more on our credit cards..it was after FINALLY giving it ALL over to God, that he led us to the people that could help us get out from under that HEAVY load. It is soooooo freeing to not use credit cards anymore and to not feel the stress all the time. Yes, we still think about money daily...but in a much different way. Thanks again for your blog. It helps all of us to stay on track!!! Carol

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