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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Should We Become Debt Free?


Becoming debt-free is a huge sacrifice.  We are always told, "It's so worth it."  Why?

For one moment, I want you to close your eyes.  Imagine, there are no payments in your life, except maybe your house payment.  Do you feel it?  Do you feel the way your breathing changes?  Do you feel the lightness in your chest and the burden being lifted from your shoulders?  We're just imagining, but if it feels that way now, how much better do you think it would feel if it was true?  No one in the world can claim any part of you!  What a wonderful feeling would that be?

Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  Money comes in and then we turn right around and pay it all back out to our creditors.  Think about what you would do with all the money you send out in payments every single month.  If you no longer had those payments, you'd have some money!  Getting out of debt doesn't mean you can't ever live again.  As Dave Ramsey says, "You need to live like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else!"  Think about the wonderful freedom you could feel to no longer have the monkey of debt hanging upon your back!  Yes, you still need to have a budget, but you are finally able to breathe.  You can save for the things you want and  not have to worry about the payments!  To me there is no Finer Thing!!!

What would be the most freeing part for you to become debt-free?  Write that down on a paper and put it where you can see it every day to give you the courage to go on.  If you already are debt free what's the best part for you?  Please leave me a comment below to help encourage others along their journey.

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Coupon Teacher said...

I am on the road to being debt free, but I still have quite a while to go!

Jennifer said...

This is so very true! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Too right. It's a great feeling. I was so happy the day I paid off my student loan and for a while, at least, I don't owe anyone anything. It's very empowering.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Being debt free (2 years left on the house) is the best thing we've done for our marriage. So freeing!

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