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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible


Have you been wanting to get into God's Word, but just don't feel like you have any time? Busy Mom's Bible is a great fit for you!

I received this Bible just the other day.  I spent some time just glancing through it and WOW!  They have little sections of devotions for if you only have 1 minute.  There's also more depth if you have 5 or 10 minutes for your devotion time.  The topics are so relevant for any Mom.

As I was browsing I flipped open to the devotional "Share the Work".  It tells about how Moses' Father-in-law told Moses how what he was doing was not good by taking care of all of Israel's problems all by himself, he would wear himself out and needed to have other men in charge to help him.

This was then applied to us.  We as women want to please everyone, however, it's not possible.  It also talked about how we're actually taking blessings away from others when we don't delegate tasks.  Think about how others will learn and grow if we give them things to be in charge of.  By doing it all ourselves we aren't helping others because they won't ever grow into who they are meant to be.

This devotional totally spoke to me.  I browsed some more and each and every devotion was just as relevant to things I need to learn!  The best part, I read this devotional while I was waiting for my children to finish a section of schoolwork until I was needed again!  So I was fed in just minutes that I would have sat there!  I guess that's why they say Busy Mom's Bible: Daily Inspiration Even if You Only Have One Minute!

I did receive this as a free gift to review, however, the opinion in this post is completely mine.  For my full disclaimer, please check the sidebar on my blog.

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