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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Economical Shredded Chicken for Your Recipes

Do you have any recipes that ask for shredded chicken?  Growing up we would 'can' chicken.  However, the chicken can also be frozen.  This is a wonderful convenience food.  Buy chicken quarters when they're at a rock bottom deal ($0.49/lb. or less around here) and then cook it, bone and all.  It can be done on the stove top, but I use my crock pot or electric roasters.  If have a lot and want to 'can' it in the pressure cooker later in the day, I will even start the roasters the night before so it's mostly ready in the morning.

Here's step 1:
Put the chicken in your crock pot or roaster, fill with water a little more than 3/4 full.  Let it cook until the chicken falls right off the bone.

Step 2:
Once your chicken is done cooking take the chicken out and let it cool for a bit and start to shred.

Step 3:
Bag the shredded chicken or put it into cans and pressure cook it.  (If you put it in cans, cover with broth for cooking and 1 T. salt for preservation)

Now you've got the fixin's for some very yummy meals!!!  Growing up Mom would even just take that chicken from the can, drain it and fry the chicken in some flour in a skillet.  It was so yummy!

You can even take your skin and bones and boil it in water to make more broth.  Chicken broth is so easy and basically, it's a free by-product of your chicken!!!
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Leslie said...

That is one wonderful idea! I've boiled my chicken before to debone it but don't really like the boiled taste it gets or having to watch a pot. So a crockpot idea is wonderful - thanks!

Coupon Teacher said...

I love to have my own chicken ready to eat!

~Alison~ said...

I've been doing this for almost a year now. I love having diced or shredded chicken ready for casseroles and other recipes.

I also make my own broth right in the crock pot after dinner and through to the next morning.

Mom2fur said...

I've been trying to use my crockpot at least once a week. I actually do have some shredded chicken in the freezer now, as well as some pork carnitas. I love your idea to use cheap bone-in chicken (we usually use cutlets that I get on sale) and will definitely do this!

Nikki said...

Lori, this is an awesome post! I have heard of people pressure canning chicken- but never tried it myself. I can't wait! Thanks!

shopannies said...

love this great idea

busy mom said...

HI, I cook my chicken, ham ( even for Easter) and turkey in the crockpot. They all are juicy and fall off the bone, Plus save energy and don't heat up the house as much and I don't have to stand over them and watch them as much. Great Post.

I have a question- I don't save or use any of the juices from them,because to me it looks more like grease instead of juice from the chicken, etc.
How do you know it is juices instead of grease?

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

busy mom - Part is just grease, but it floats to the top and I skim it off. Or if you put it in the refrigerator, it will harden and then you can easily take it off.

Part of it is too the water that's added. That's a large part of the broth. So if you don't add water to your chicken it would basically just be grease. You can take your bones and skin and boil it in water and make a great broth from that if you don't want to add water to what you're cooking.

Last time I put the broth in the fridge overnight because I didn't have enough time to strain it like I usually do, and the junk all went to the bottom and gelled together and I was able to take nice clear broth off the top and not strain it!

Now remember, this is a very concentrated broth. When I'm using it in something that I usually would use canned broth for, I do about 1 portion of broth to 2 portions of water, so in 1 cup, I'd do about 1/3 cup broth and 2/3 cup water. I think I need to do a post about this because it's a lot of info! And not everyone looks at the comments! Thanks for the question, it helps me to know what I need to explain more!

Nikki said...

Lori- I totally missed the part about adding water to the crockpot. I'm kinda glad I didn't though because the liquids coming from the chicken are almost to the top.

How long does it normally take you in the crockpot? And do you cook on high or low? Thanks! Nikki

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Nikki, It depends on how quickly I want it done. This is one of those things that we just did at home and I just learned to 'know', I know not great for instructions, but I'm just letting you know that so you realize I'm trying to go into the recesses of my mind for this!

When I've done it overnight in the electric roasters I do it on the lowest setting and by morning it's usually done, but if I would see that it needs more time, I'd just crank up the heat for a little bit.

In the crock pot, I usually start it early in the morn (5-6 am) I *think* I do it on low and by noon it's done. So I guess that would be around 6-7 hours on low. Which sounds right.

Wow! I'm surprised the juices are that high without any water! I know it comes out and that's why I don't completely fill it with water.

You're going to have some gold there with your chicken broth!!! It'll probably be quite strong and so when you cook it you'll dilute it by at least half. But it's soooo much better than boughten broth anyday!!!

busy mom said...

Sunday after church we were rushed to say the least before time to go back. Anyway, I had bought a whole fryer (FL .47LB this wk- I need to get a couple more) but I put him in the sm. conventional over for 1 1/2 hr. @ 350 and that was part of dinner. Well, I tossed the chicken in refrig. Yep, still had meat on the bones. This mg I was reading this and as you know I ask you a few questions before I took the kids to school then myself. What I did before we left (after reading this) I took the cooked bird from the refrig. that was left put him in the crockpot w/ 1 1/2 water and turned in on low.
I got home 7 hrs. later and meat was falling off the bone, the bones fell apart too-lol.
I poured the chicken juice into a sm bowl , placed it in the refrig. to cool. It was not much maybe a cup of chicken juice.
The falling apart chicken is shredded in baggy in the freezer.

Sorry, so much detail but has been a crazy week.

Thanks for posting tips about this and how to's.

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