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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Grocery Deals for the Week

 I was able to snag some great deals for the week.

At Meijer the 10 for $10, get the 11th free made for a good deal!

I did 3 transactions.  The last was only 2 bags of vegetables which were free after coupons :)  I paid $12 for all the items above!!!  Not too bad!  Hubby put our pizzas together the other night and decided he really wanted fresh mushrooms and peppers, so that cost another $4.31.

I also stopped at Aldi and bought the following items:

I had to have a gallon of milk, but their prices went up so I only bought one realizing milk will more than likely be on sale somewhere next week!  I paid $11.80 for everything pictured above.

I also stopped at Walgreens:

Originally the plan was to get the Band Aids deal, but our area didn't get any of the BandAid coupons and so the Wags Band Aids were cheaper.  I've been completely out so I needed to get some.  I also wanted to stock up on sunscreen and I also like to have the packets for the dishwasher on vacation so it's not so messy to take home the leftovers.  Last year we just bought stuff like that down there, but I realized how expensive that was because there weren't any sales and I didn't have my coupons.  

Anyway, my net total after Register Rewards for those items pictured above was:$15.10.

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cassie said...

mmm peanut butter cups!

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