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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Shopping Trip This Week!

I feel like a bit of a frugal failure this week!  While I did get some great deals, I also messed up on a couple of things.  And I just had some wants and some extra needs in there.  It made for a week that I spent more than I necessarily wanted to! 

Here are the deals I snagged this week!  I stopped at CVS on Monday on my way to work.  I had a $4 off of $20 coupon.  CVS was great!

I already sent this receipt in for the P&G coupons, so I'm not sure of the exact prices.  I know everything pictured ended up being less than $1 after coupons and ECBs!!!  What a deal!

Hubby also needed Axe Body Spray and that's his favorite so he stopped in and got that for me.  I didn't get a pic, but it ended up costing me 3/$10 after ECBs. 
 I had more shopping to do...Here's my Meijer trip, you'll have to imagine some things because my hubbie was kind enough to put things away right away!

I did the great hot dog sale, but in the process found that you can't roll the coupons.  I know I should have taken it to customer service, but I was just done and getting 8 packs at $0.50 each, I decided I'm not worrying about the 2 where I paid $1.50 each, although it just kills me!!!  I also could not find my Frigo String Cheese coupon, Grrrr...  You also need to picture night light bulbs and chicken strips in there.  I very rarely buy packaged foods unless they're free, but lunches have been killing me lately so I splurged, I decided $1.99 was okay this time!  I did get 2 free Dials also not pictured there.  The only coupons I was able to print before the print ended.  Also, there was a large bag of cat food not pictured, there haven't been any good coupons so I paid $10 for that, YUCK!!!  I ended up spending around $51 for all that. 

I also had to stop at Aldi, I was out of pinto beans and real bacon bits, I knew I needed both and I don't find many deals on either of those things.

For everything pictured I spent: $15.37

Next I stopped at Walgreens and Martins:

I couldn't resist the great deal at Martins on apple juice and lunch meat!  That was so worth it!  The cost was only: $2.46

At Walgreens I have been eying those shower cleaners and decided to take the plunge and try them for both of our showers.  I also bought some John Frieda shampoo, my sister's been raving over how good that is and I decided I'd get it to try later.  My cost after RR ended up being around $15.  I guess looking back on it, this is the store that made me feel like a failure because I got these wants, but we have to do that every once in a while or we don't have a reason to keep at it.

How'd you do this week?


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Anonymous said...

Sorry the hot dog deal didn't work for you. I rolled mine several times and I still got another $2.00. Faye

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