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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Shopping Trip this Week

Earlier this week, I sent hubby to Kroger for me. He bought this:

 The total was $11.27 after coupons. 

Today I ran up to Meijer and Walgreens.  I was only buying things on sale because it looks like next week will be some great sales.

Here's what I bought at Meijer:

I messed up and didn't get all in one photo so I just had to get another pic!  I spent a total of $18.24 out of pocket, plus I got a $2 catalina for the Ziploc!  So my true net was $16.24.  Not too bad!
Here's my Walgreens trip:

After the RR and coupon my net price was $11.48.  My kids love bacon so they are so excited!  


Anonymous said...

We freeze our bacon, cheese and butter. K

Mandy said...

Hey Lori!! Thanks for stopping by!! :o) I'm following you back!!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

We also freeze our cheese, bacon, and butter. That's where the bacon is going for now until I get the energy to cook it! But... my kids could eat it all in a week if it were up to them!

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