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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Great Way to Extend Your Grocery Budget

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These past few weekends our family has spent some time outside investing in our food storage for the fall.  We hauled duck manure and spread it on the garden the other weekend.  Then my wonderful hubby tilled it into the dirt, making it ready for planting.  We now had a nice rich expanse of dirt just waiting for seeds to plant and grow.

I started some seeds indoors a few weeks ago so they will be ready for when our last frost is past in about a month.  Starting your own seeds is so much cheaper and you have a greater variety to choose from with your plants.  Not to mention what a great experience it is for the kids to start plants completely from seeds.  Unfortunately I wasn't completely prepared so I will need to buy Roma tomato plants and more green pepper plants, but what I did start will be a great savings.

This past weekend we started in our garden.  We planted our potatoes and a few peas.  This week we will finish planting the peas and get out the onions and the first planting of lettuce.  This is not easy work by any means.  You're sore by the end of the day, but it feels so good to know that you'll have some wonderfully nutritious food for the end of the season.

It's so fun to watch the green things grow and to know the fruits of your labor.  My children have been much more willing to try new vegetables if the come from our garden that they've helped plant and nurture.  I'm amazed at how much this stretches our grocery budget.  I never have to buy any spaghetti or pizza sauce because I make my own from the yummy tomatoes, onions, and peppers of my own.  Also, I freeze my own beans, corn, peppers, etc.

Let's Hear from You!

Are you planting a garden this year?  If so have you started anything yet?

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Amy said...

I have started my garden. I got my starts going in the house, some got so big already that I have replanted them. It's still too wet to plant outside just yet. I also got my tomatoes and herbs on Sunday because Home Depot had such a great sale.
You have an awesome space for a garden, ours is not quite so big, but I make it work.

Annie Kate said...

I love gardening, but we still have quite a wait until we can put our little seedlings outside. In the meantime, they grow quite well in our window sills. :)

I'm glad I found your blog.


Annie Kate

busy mom said...

How do you make your own sauce? I have never tried it.
We are trying again this yr. to have a garden, last yr. it dried up when it turned HOT.

Mary aka Canadagirl said...

Yes, growing a garden is a AMAZING way to stretch the dollar. We are taking our tiny starters and transfering them to bigger boxes today. That is our leeks and sweet and hot peppers that is. Just about to start many more soon. Thank you so much for joining in on the fun and for sure I will join yours.

Blessings in Him<><

IllinoisLori said...

I don't have enough usable space to do a big garden, but I enjoy growing a few veggies in containers. Enjoyed visiting here, thanks for the invitation!


Anne-Marie said...

Definitely the way to save in the summer! Love garden season!

MommyTopics.com said...

I've tried to start a garden at my house during 3 different Spring seasons. Everything grows the first year, but is completely dead and gone the following year. I can't seem to get anything to grow continually... not even flowers... not even morning glories. I think my garden area might be in too much shade or something is seriously wrong with my soil!

I really would like to try growing seens indoors first one year. I know my kids would LOVE it!

Thanks for the post, and thanks for the opportunity to link up!

Rachymommy - MommyTopics.com

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful garden, I agree! I've got the room to do quite a bit.

busy mom - I'll post my tomato sauce recipe tomorrow, thanks for the idea!

busy mom said...

Thank you for posting that.

If you have ready my blog, I am going to try some canning(I hope this summer)I have to go buy everything still yet.
I did some freezing last summer and that helped out a lot. I am also trying to stock up on some meats over this summer so fall and winter will not be so hard (hopefully). Hubby work is seasonal and it helps to stock up when I can. Thanks nancy

Anonymous said...

Love your gardening ideas - growing up we always had a garden but as an adult am still dreaming about having one someday.

Thanks for checking out my post today!

CRAZYMOM said...

Thanks for inviting me to the link party!

We had a big garden last year, but the kids hated it, so I did all the work (of course)...and we didn't end up saving much of anything because we ate it so fast. I think I will wait to do a big one till they are a little older. But I always grow tomatoes and peppers.

Aliesha & Tad said...

Thanks for stopping by my site!

Enjoyed reading your gardening tips. I am starting a garden for the first time this year, and I absolutely don't know what I'm doing! But it's still fun and I hope it will be rewarding.


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