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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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The first quarter of this year is now past.  It's time to look back and see how we've been doing in our lives.  Are you heading in the correct direction?  Have you been achieving the goals you set for yourself in the beginning of the year?  It's good to take some time and reflect on your goals at least once a quarter.  It helps you to know what course changes you may need  to make in order to achieve your goal.


Even if you are a stay at home mom you have career goals, remember you are a home economist.  I've been working on routines.  They have truly been helping my home run smoother.  I still have work to do, but it's been helping.

I'm still floundering in finding a good time to work on my blog.  I'm okay if we're home all week, but when I'm gone like last weekend, it makes it really hard to get the next week running smoothly. 


How have your financial goals been going?  We've been steadily working on ours.  We have money saved for our vacation now and we found a van that was in great condition and low miles.  We did need to dip into our emergency fund a bit for the van since we found it sooner than we planned.  So.... our next goal is to fill the emergency fund back up.


What are you wanting to do in the physical side of things?  Are you like me and would like to lose weight or are you training for a marathon?  I admit I have not been doing well in this area.  I've been making so many changes in other areas, this one has fallen by the wayside.  I'm wanting to write down my meals for the day so that I know what to eat and I know I'll have a well rounded diet without thinking through the day, but it hasn't happened yet.  Still some tweaking to be done!


Exercising the brain is just as important as exercising your body.  Reading is a great workout for your brain and it's even better for it if not all of it is just for fun.  I've been reading at night.  Some has been for pleasure and some of the reading has been books on areas I need to improve upon or books to help me understand what I'm teaching.  In fact, just teaching my kids has been growing my mind.  I love to learn and it's amazing how much I've forgotten from when I went to school.  I'm understanding things even better this go around! 


This is important for eternity, not just right now.  So what are you doing about it?

I'm still reading through the Bible.  I read two chapters a day, every weekday.  For myself I've found that if I try to do a schedule of reading through the Bible in a year, I quit because I when I miss a few days I get overwhelmed with all the reading they want me to do to catch up and I just give up.  Also, I've realized that for now I don't do my devotions on the weekends and so in reality, I always have to catch up to what they want me to read!

This time, I'm about half way through in a year and a half.  Yes, it's very slow compared to many standards, but at least I'm doing it.  And to me that's more important than keeping to someone else's schedule.

My approach was affirmed this weekend as I listened to Susan Wise Bauer talk about how we do not have chasms of times, but slivers, and by setting aside a sliver, we will at least be growing our minds more than we ever were before we started.  She was talking of reading Great Books, but to me the Bible is the Greatest of all Books!!!  She went on to say that the first time reading through a book, the goal is just to finish, not necessarily to understand and that's also how I've been approaching this read through, so that makes me feel relieved!


I'm working on character building with my children.  This was another thing that was reaffirmed.  I can teach my children, giving them great intelligence, but if there is no underlying character it is all for nothing.  Character is what will help them become great citizens in this world.

I'm also working on building lasting relationships in our family.  My goal was to start a family night.  Ummm...  well, this has fallen by the wayside, so I need to work on this!

Let's Hear from You!

How are your goals coming?  Are you on the right track?  Certain goals are much easier to track because they are more concrete.  Leave me a comment letting me know how it's going for you!

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amy said...

Thanks so much for hosting this each week. I get great ideas and love reading where you are, what you are doing and what you are about!!

SwapSavers said...

I think routine is key for all areas you mentioned. In relation to fitness I have a specific days that I workout every week which helps to stick to your goals.

Coupon Teacher said...

Sound like you are right on track to me!

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