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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been a while since I've talked about various ways to make money or save money on the internet.  Here are my favorites:

By far my favorite is Swagbucks:

Search & Win

You earn "bucks" just by searching on the web, something you probably already do a ton!   It's very important to download their toolbar, it makes searching through them MUCH easier.

Sometimes there will be codes in the toolbar, twitter, or facebook.  Also, you can take surveys and daily polls to win "bucks".

If you love shopping at amazon.com as much as I do, you're in luck!  450 swagbucks trade in for $5 in an amazon.com e-card!  There are many other prizes, but this is the best value and my favorite one;)  Just this month I traded in my swagbucks for 3 amazon gift cards!  The more you search, the more you win!

Another great one is Ebates.


There is a $5 sign up bonus as long as you make a purchase of $20 or more within a specified period of time.  Then you earn cash back for purchases made through them.  It's usually a percentage of what you spend.  Before buying online, always check to see if they have an ebate.  Most stores do(ebay, Old Navy, Sears, etc) and it changes from time to time as Ebates does a special promotion.  Once a quarter you receive money directly in your PayPal account!  All for something you would have boughten anyway!

My Survey

I've been doing this a couple of years now.  It's nice that you ALWAYS earn points for every survey taken and then you have the chance to trade thsose points in fro prizes.  1100 points turns into a $10 gift card at places like amazon, Applebees, Chilis, etc OR cash at Paypal!  

Inbox Dollars

You get cash credited to your account for e-mails that are sent to your mailbox.  You also can take surveys and play games and earn.  Another great way to earn a little bit of extra cash.

Reward Port

Reward Port

This is very similar to Inbox Dollars, only you earn points which can be traded in for great gift cards such as amazon, Target, Sears, Gap, Best Buy, etc.  You get points for reading e-mails, taking surveys, viewing free offers, and playing games.

Nielson Homescan

With Nielson, you just scan your families purchases and are rewarded with points which can then be traded in for cash or prizes!  This is a great opportunity if it's available in your city.

Global Test Market


Take surveys and earn cash!

National Consumer Panel

Take Surveys and win Cash & Prizes

I hope you've found this post encouraging.
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