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Friday, September 24, 2010


Life without fear.  The world in which we live today makes this seem impossible.  Turn on the news only to hear the details of the latest bombing, or have so-called experts arguing over whether this recession is over or going to be worse than ever.  How do we combat this fear and not allow it to take over our lives?

Max Lucado explores this topic in his book Fearless.  He talks about how we expect that our life as a Christian should be perfect,  that God will not allow us to go through trials because we are now His children.  However as Max points out, in John 16:33 Jesus tells us, "In this world you will have trouble."  Not you may have trouble, but you will have trouble.  We need to expect trouble and realize that through it God is teaching us and reaching not only us, but the world around us.

However, while we should expect to have trouble, that does not mean we should worry about our future.  It does mean that we should learn to trust God for our every need.  It is hard to let go of that fear since in these uncertain times dread seems to be everywhere we turn.  This book addresses many areas of fear from The Villagers of Stiltsville, Fear of Not Meaning all the way through The One Healthy Terror, Fear of God Getting Out of My Box.  Through his gift of story telling Max Lucado explores in each of his chapters why we should set aside our fears and worries, leaning instead on our immovable God. 

I have recently been going through my own struggles and this book helped me tremendously.  If you are struggling with fear in any area of your life I would encourage you to pick up this book, either from your library or you can purchase it online.

I received Fearless by Max Lucado through booksneeze.com in return for my review.  I was compensated in no other way, the thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own.  This post contains an affiliate link.

I hope you've found this post helpful.

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